Product information page of Programmable Display TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart Series

Lineup of TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart series

The programmable displays in the TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart series are easy-to-see, and have bright TFT color liquid crystal screens.
A high-resolution display and high-speed response display give TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart series panels a high power of expression.

Feature ≫

Convenient functions that meet the needs of production sites

High-level functions, user-friendliness, and dedicated software for remote control。

Accessories ≫

Optional units that expand TS functions and user-friendliness

A variety of optional units for different applications are available.

Connectable Equipment
Connectable Equipment ≫

Compatible with various types of communication drivers

Compatible with various manufacturers’ PLCs, temperature controllers, inverters, etc.

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